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General Hair Care Tips For Water Adventurers

woman looking out into Florida fresh water spring

A surf company is giving hair-care advice? Let us remind you that our founder, Keera, is a former cosmetologist with over 10+ years of experience in plant based & natural essences. She feels as if water women (and men!), pay more attention to their active lifestyle and don't pay any attention to their hair and skin, which is VITAL for overall hygiene and keeping yourself (skin and tresses included), protected & healthy from the elements. So here is our tried-and-true simple tips we wanted to share when splashing around in any type of water!

Post Salt Water Session Hair Tip:

Salt, a naturally preserving, drying mineral. Great for so many things, but definitely not our hair, so as soon as you end your salt water session, head to the showers or bring a gallon of your 1/2 fresh water + 1/2 leftover room-temp rice/pasta water (trust us, that water is liquid gold for silky hair, save it next time!)

Post Fresh Water Session Hair Tip:

Mineral rich fresh water, can be beneficial to the hair depending on what body of fresh water you are in, and what minerals are present in the water. Every once in a while, it's nice to re-mineralize the hair in a natural body of water. Water sources with more rain water, will soften the hair whereas water sources like a spring, will be more clarifying/hard, so its not recommended to do this for daily use.

Pro tip: Rinse your hair with fresh water & conditioner right before your dip to minimize the absorption of salt or minerals you are trying to avoid

Now that we have addressed water salinity, mineral content and its effect on our hair, we recommend using plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars to reduce damage to our environment; basically you are paying for mostly plastic and water when you buy a shampoo bottle as opposed to a concentrated shampoo bar. Check out our Vital Shampoo Bar we specifically formulated for the salty bunch.

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