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Wetsuit Woes!

Wetsuit Woes!

So annoying to walk into any surf shop to be greeted by the ' No sorry, we only have kids wetsuits and men's. We sometimes get them in right before season..'. This just will not suffice. I need a  women's wetsuit now, and I want it to fit my curvaceous hips and long legs. Why is it that women, specifically women off any larger stature are completely neglected from the surf industry? We know there is not just one women out there line-up, there are plenty of women actively surfing out there trying to have a good time, so shouldn't they also have access the appropriate surf-wear? Other than Vital Wetsuits, not many brands offer a tall option beyond a size 10. Slowly we are starting to see more and more small brands pop-up that are starting to cater to a broader range of women, however, a lot of these companies are not being mindful of their carbon footprint or sourcing, which is becoming increasingly more and more prevalent that new/small brands do align with an eco-mission to assure a sustainable future and to meet the demands of our relentless generation. All of Vital Wetsuits are made from Yulex, a FSC rubber neoprene alternative and recycled polyester. Now before you harp on Vital for the polyester, please understand swim and surf-wear brands typically require some kind of synthetic material for the stretch and durability to compare to traditional synthetic suits. Opting for recycled polyester, sheds less microplastics that would happen far worse with virgin polyester. Vital also makes sure to use 'Aqua-A', a water based non toxic glue on the seams of their wetsuits. Clearly, it is not easy to find proper fitting surf attire, while being mindful of our planet simultaneously, however Vital Wetsuits is determined to be that change, one suit at a time.


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